Child Custody Attorneys in Bremerton WA: Getting Back Custody

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

People lose custody of the children when the court determines that they are unfit to be parents or that the prevailing environment at home is not good to bring up a child in. In case you have lost custody of your child, you need to understand that what the court does is what it seems to be in the child’s interest. Your next course of action, therefore, should be to get child custody attorneys in Bremerton WA area, and start the process of getting the child back.

Determining why custody was withdrawn

There are several scenarios in which you can lose a custody battle. The first is during divorce negotiations. The second is after the court has been presented evidence of you being an unfit parent. There are factors that courts will look into in determining whether you are a fit parent or not. These include:

  • • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • • Physical abuse or neglect
  • • Other safety problems in the home
  • • An illness or disability that limits your ability to handle kids well.

Note that in a hotly contested divorce, your spouse could make a custody battle a tool to hurt you for leaving. This will lead to them making decisions that aren’t in the interests of the children, such as digging up your past criminal record, and using it against you.

Getting back the trust of the court

In order to have the custody of your children back, you will need to show the court that you have rectified the problem that led to you getting denied custody in the first place. With the help of Child Custody Attorneys, you can be able to schedule an evaluation. This will help determine whether things have been rectified. The evaluation will also be your chance to show the courts that you are capable of handling the kids.

The other solutions that a lawyer and evaluator may give include getting you into counseling, taking parenting classes, completing an addiction program, and repairing a home. The choice you make will of course depend on the original problem. With the help of Child Custody Attorneys in Bremerton WA, you will be able to make the right steps towards getting the custody of your children back.




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