Finding Competent Legal Representation for a Personal Injury Case

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Lawyer

Personal injury cases can be long and drawn out. Most states have a statute of limitations in place regarding personal injury lawsuits. This means that if you intend to sue, then you need to do it within two years following the date that the injury occurred. Personal injury can encompass many different types of claims, but the most common ones include slip and fall cases, work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medical accidents, defective products, wrongful death, and dog attacks. If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, then you should contact an injury attorney Oshkosh WI specialist as soon as possible after the event occurs. They will be able to direct you on the right path, and they will let you know what your rights are. People can often get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do, but these guys can really put your mind at ease once they take over your case.

Getting an Attorney That Works On Contingency

When you go to an attorney’s office for an initial consultation, it will usually be free. This will give you a chance to ask any questions that you have without ever paying a dime. If you are satisfied with what the attorney has to say, then you can retain them to take your case. They will then take care of everything from then on out. Most attorneys that handle personal injury in Oshkosh WI will work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only pay them a fee if they win your case. If you lose, then they will just write off the fee amount and you will never be charged. Since they work on a contingency basis, they are often very strict about which cases they take on, so be prepared to be grilled extensively so they can determine if your case is worth their while or not.

Keeping Insurance Companies at Bay with Personal Injury Legal Representation

Don’t get caught up in the Insurance Company Trap with the other side. They will often try to get you to settle for low amounts of money if they know you don’t have an attorney. If they try to contact you before you have had time to consult with an attorney, then tell them you will be hiring legal representation and your attorney will get back to them. You need to protect your interests, and an insurance company working for the other side will not help you do that. With a competent attorney working for your interests, you could probably get double or even triple the amount of money that the insurance company would offer you if you weren’t represented by legal counsel. Make sure you write everything down as the process moves forward, so that you don’t miss or forget anything that could be important

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