How a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tucson Can Defend You

A DUI arrest is serious because it disrupts your life. The fine is expensive, you may lose your driver’s license, and you could even lose your job. Most drivers have no idea what their rights are, or how stop a DUI from ruining their lives, but an expert lawyer can. When they hire a DUI Defense Lawyer Tucson drivers have an expect who can protect them.

A lawyer will make sure that:

The police had a reason to stop you. The law states that the police need to have reasonable suspicion that there was a problem before pulling you over.

Your property was not searched illegally. In many cases a search warrant is needed.

An arrest was legal. The police need to be able to provide legal reasons for an arrest.

Reports of drunk driving are reliable. The police must prove that any witness to drunk driving is reliable and that the facts are correct.

Your right to counsel has not been violated. You may have the right to talk to a lawyer before a blood test is taken.

You were the person who was in control of your vehicle. In order to be convicted of a DUI, you have to be controlling the car.

The officer read you your Miranda Rights.

Your trial is not delayed.

If you get a ticket for DUI, you should call an attorney as soon as you can. Most lawyers will offer a free consultation. When talking to a DUI Defense Lawyer Tucson drivers will be asked to explain their version of the arrest. The attorney will review police records and look at the results of blood tests that were done at the time of the arrest. Your lawyer has the experience to use all available information to build a defense that fits your case. A driver with a first offense is defended differently from one who has many DUI arrests. Your attorney will find and use any evidence that your rights were violated. If your case goes to trial, your attorney will make sure that all evidence against you is legal. A skilled attorney can successfully defend almost any DUI arrest, and prevent it from destroying your life.

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