How an Order of Protection Lawyer in Long Island, NY Works

When someone is being harassed by another person, such as those who are fleeing from abusive relationships, they can apply for restraining orders. These orders are meant to keep offenders away from those who have applied for protection. The offenders must remain a certain distance away, and must not attempt to make any sort of contact with the victim, including contact through third parties. If there are children involved, there may be visitation arrangements made if the offender is deemed to not be a danger to the children in any way. If the person who receives the restraining order breaks any of the conditions, they can be arrested and taken to jail.

Not all restraining orders are the same. This is one reason why it is important to hire the services of an order of protection lawyer in Long Island, NY. Often, victims of domestic abuse live in constant fear, and when they get restraining orders, those orders are made for each situation. In many cases of domestic abuse, the most common type of restraining order is the civil protection order. Visit The Law offices of Mitchell M. Shapiro for more information.

Civil protection orders are issued by domestic relations courts, and are meant to protect domestic violence victims. When applying to the court for one of these orders, it is best to have an order of protection lawyer in Long Island, because many victims don’t understand all of the legalities that are going to take place. Their attorneys can explain everything to them, and help them to file all of the necessary paperwork. These orders protect domestic violence victims from being re-victimized by their abusers, and may include such orders as:

*     Granting possession of the home to the victim and other family members

*     Granting temporary custody of children, and establish permanent custody orders

*     Requiring abusers to maintain child and spousal support

*     Requiring abusers to receive counseling for their behavior

*     Requiring abusers to stay away from victims and other family members

Temporary restraining orders are often issued when one files for divorce. This keeps either party from being able to sell property or transfer money. When filing for divorce, it is a good idea to talk to an order of protection lawyer. Click here for more info

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