Learn About State and Federal Bail Bond Services in Bartow County GA

Though state and federal bonds are slightly different, they operate on the same basic principle. Bonding services allow a person to be released from jail so they can be free until their trial. As long as they show up for all court dates, they meet the requirements of their contract with State and Federal bail bond services. Should a defendant leave the state or country or fail to show for their appointed court dates, they will have broken the agreement, and the bail bonding agency will work to bring them in to stand trial.

State and Federal bail bond services vary only slightly. When a person has a federal bail amount set, this means they are being charged by the United States government. These types of crimes are typically more serious than others and they often result in stiffer punishments.

A state bail amount means the person is being charged by the state. The state where the crime occurred holds the right to prosecute the individual even if they do not reside in that state.

It is up to the judge to make the determination of whether or not a person is granted bail. The judge will consider the crime the person is being charged with and will look at their criminal record. He will also consider what type of risk the person will be to others or for fleeing. Once bail has been granted, a person has the right to pay their own bail or hire a bonding agency to sign a bail bond so they can be released.

To be released from jail requires a fee be paid to the bonding agency. This fee should not run any higher than ten percent and most often hovers around eight percent, depending on the state a person is charged in. This fee is non-refundable and is considered payment for the services the bonding agency provides.

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