Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Gilbert

A divorce leads to many changes in the financial situation of each spouse. Although money will be tighter for both parties until the divorce is finalized and each knows how much he or she will have on a monthly basis for living expenses, the choice of a Divorce Lawyer in Gilbert shouldn’t be made on price alone. There are certain red flags one should be looking for when choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Gilbert. Knowing these red flags makes the process of choosing legal representation somewhat easier.

Aggressiveness-Although you want your attorney to work hard to ensure you are treated fairly in the divorce proceeding, you don’t want an attorney who is out for blood. Any attorney who guarantees a particular outcome should be avoided also. You want someone who will fight for what is rightly yours and not just agree to everything your spouse wants, but you don’t want to increase any hard feelings between you and your former spouse. An aggressive attorney will only increase them, making it hard to come to a peaceful resolution, which is of great importance if children are involved.

Divorce mills-Beware of attorneys who meet with you once and then pass your case off to paralegals and other staff members. They do so to handle more cases and bring in more profits. This could hurt you in the long run, even if the legal representation you receive is competent.

Nonrefundable fees-There will be certain fees associated with the divorce. It’s when these fees become excessive that you need to become concerned, especially when they state the fees are non-refundable. Most attorneys request a retainer when you hire them. They then use this retainer for future work and alert you when more funds will be needed and why. You should receive an itemized listing of where the money was spent.

Out-of-county attorneys-Don’t hire an attorney based in another county unless he or she is very close to your county court. If you live on the country line, you may be able to hire an attorney in the neighboring county, but you want to ensure he or she handles divorce cases regularly in the court where yours will be heard.

Take time to find right divorce lawyer. What happens in the divorce can have far reaching consequences. The divorce lawyer at The Law Firm of Zubair Aslamy, P.C., partially determines the impact of these consequences, both positive and negative ones.



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