Reviewing Conditions With A Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer In Griffith, IN

In Missouri, slip and fall injuries could lead to broken bones and possible head injuries. The conditions that lead to the injuries are avoidable if the property owner manages the hazards effectively. However, a Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer in Griffith, IN can assist victims when injuries are sustained.

Title 35 Chapter 516 Section 516.120 of Missouri State Codes

According to the state code, all victims of slip and fall accidents have up to five years to file a lawsuit. Any failure to file before the statute of limitations is a forfeiture of all rights to any compensation.

Does the State Use Shared Fault Rulings?

Yes, if the victim has shared any of the blame for their accident, the court identifies what percentage of the fault the victim shared. Any award that is available to the victim is reduced by the identified percentage.

What are Common Slip and Fall Accidents?

Retail stores are required to mitigate risks by keeping the store cleaned. Wet floors and chemical spills are common issues that lead to a slip and fall injury. Hazards in parking lots are also issues for retail stores and other commercial businesses. It is the responsibility of the store owner to manage any conditions that could lead to personal injuries.

Residential property owners could also face slip and fall liabilities. Hazards in their yard or driveway could cause visitors to fall and become injured. The most common victims are individuals that were invited to the property or service technicians who must enter the property’s exterior to complete their job.

How are Property Owners Liable?

Property owners are liable if they don’t warn visitors of hazardous conditions. If signs are present, the victim could share the fault in the accident. Wet floor signs and signs around parking lots could give customers advance warning of hazards. However, if the signs aren’t present, the owner remains responsible.

In Missouri, slip and fall accidents are often the results of a failure to keep properties clean or uncluttered. Aisles in retail stores must be clear, and the flooring must be dry to prevent accidents. When hazards are present and unavoidable, the owner must place warning signs where customers can see them clearly. Victims who need a Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer in Griffith, IN can contact Law Office Of Ben Murphy right now.

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