Understand the Lawyer-Client Relationship when Hiring a Medical Negligence Lawyer

There are medical malpractice laws in the U.S. These laws are designed to protect the rights of the patient. Patients are entitled to compensation should they get injured while receiving medical care or should their conditions exacerbate as a result of professional negligence. You could sue a dentist, doctor, surgeon nurse, osteopath, health care facility or nursing home, among others. You should sue through a medical negligence lawyer if you are too injured or ill to represent yourself. Hiring a lawyer is also advantageous because he has the necessary training, experience and skills. You will get valuable advice on such things as the merits of your case and you get unparalleled convenience.

It is important that you understand what the Houston lawyer-client relationship entails as this ensures you are not taken advantage of by your lawyer and that you meet all your obligations. The lawyer-client relationship is captured in retainer agreements that have to be signed whenever a client is enlisting the services of a medical negligence Houston lawyer.

For a good relationship, the lawyer-client privilege has to be observed. This is a privilege similar to that between a psychiatrist and his patient or a Priest and a church member. The lawyer-client privilege prevents the lawyer from divulging any information that the client shares with him/her. The privilege also dictates that a lawyer has to always act in the client’s best interest. There should be no relationship (such as a sexual relationship) between the medical negligence lawyer and his/her client. Note that a lawyer can be disbarred by the state bar association for breaking these rules.

Your lawyer has to communicate to you in a proper and effective manner. His representation of your affairs has to be lawful and ethical. The lawyer has to be competent while dealing with your case. You could ask for a mistrial if your lawyer is incompetent. The lawyer has to be objective so that there are no conflicts of interests and he/she must do anything within the confines of Texas and U.S. laws to get you out, including doing investigations, carrying out research and bringing in witnesses. While representing you, a lawyer may not take on anybody who is likely to hurt your case. You could file complaints with the local bar association. You should include the contact and personal details of the medical negligence Houston attorney, the violation and the evidence of the violation.

On your part, you have to be truthful in all your disclosures. You should also be cooperative and responsive and should present yourself on request. You must attend hearings as planned and must pay the lawyer all bills as detailed in the agreement. Your medical negligence attorney has the right to terminate the contract should you breach these rules.



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