Understanding How Bail Bonds in Charlotte North Carolina Work

Being arrested is not something that most people consider a good time. In fact, the experience can be extremely unnerving. Rather than face the prospect of sitting in a jail until the trial date arrives, it helps to understand how Bail Bonds in Charlotte North Carolina can make it possible to remain free until the trial. Here are some facts that will make it easier to understand the value of this type of service.

Setting the Bail

Assuming that the offense that the individual is accused of committing allows for it, a judge is likely to set a bail amount. The amount is typically determined based on laws that relate to the type and severity of the crime involved. In order to be released, the accused party must be able to provide the bail to the court.Many people do not have the type of cash needed to meet bail. This is where the concept of Bail Bonds in Charlotte North Carolina comes into play. A bondsman will act on behalf of the client by posting the required bail to the court. In exchange for this activity, the client tenders a fee to the bondsman that amounts to a certain percentage of the total bond. Once the bond is posted, the court will allow the release of the arrested party, with the provision that he or she pledges to return to stand trail on the appointed date and time.

Failure to Appear

It is important to remember that when bondsmen provide Bail Bonds in Charlotte North Carolina, they are essentially pledging to the court that the client will show up for trial. If the client does not do so, then the bondsman stands liable for the total amount of the bond, and stands to lose that pledged money. When this happens, the bondsman is likely to make reasonable efforts to find the client and bring him or her to the authorities. The professionals at Chad Lewis Bail Bonding understand that many people want time to plan their defenses before having their days in court. By providing bail bonds to those clients, they make it much easier to do just that. As a result, it is much easier to make arrangements for legal representation, put business affairs in order, and in general be ready to stand before a judge and present a fair and balanced case.

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