Ways a Child Custody Attorney in Silverdale WA Can Provide Assistance to Parents Who are able to reach an Amicable Agreement on their Own

When a couple divorces, some of the most important decisions they will need to make are those involving the custody and support of their minor children. While many couples may use this type of situation as a way to hurt their soon to be ex-spouse, this is generally not wise and it can be better for everyone concerned if they try to work together to reach an agreement in an amicable manner. By having a Child Custody Attorney in Silverdale WA involved in the matter, this can often be accomplished.

Most parents will find it better if they try to put aside their personal differences and agree to work together to establish an arrangement for the custody and visitation of their child. By trying to do this together, they will generally have more input in the decisions being made than if they leave the matter up to a judge. One of the first things they will want to try to resolve is how physical and legal custody of the child will be designated. After they determine this, they can then discuss their individual preferences and needs on issues on how visitation schedules should be set up. This should include discussing who will have custody of the child on weekends, holidays, vacations and other important events.

It is important when trying to reach this type of an agreement for the parents to be very specific on all matters. This will eliminate misunderstandings and disagreements, which may lead to further child custody issues. By being precise about where and when the child will be picked up or dropped off during visitation, who will pay travel expenses for visitation and how changes can be made the couple will know exactly what to expect from the other parent. This can often make the situation a bit easier to deal with.

Once a couple has come to an amicable agreement on these matters, one of the parents will want to take the agreement to their personal Child Custody Attorney Silverdale WA. The lawyer can then review the agreement and compile the various types of paperwork required to make the agreement legal and binding. The other parent will then want to review the agreement before they sign the documents. The lawyer can then file the agreement with the court to make it legal.

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