What is a tax lawyer and what do they do?

Tax payers can find themselves having problems with the IRS and the problems may be such that the taxpayer knows he or she cannot handle them without help. The US tax laws are phenomenally complex and they have the tendency to change very frequently and to navigate the law as it pertains to the problem at hand will require a tax lawyer in Atlanta who is competent to handle these matters.

Although much of the work that tax lawyers do involves litigation, this is not all that is involved; many tax lawyers handle a variety of duties for individuals and companies that are tax related, such as:

* Assisting with tax planning to minimize tax obligations

* Advise on estate planning and financial planning

* Handle disputes before the IRS

Dealing with the IRS can be very stressful; a tax lawyer can remove this stress by dealing with the IRS and other tax agencies on your behalf. A tax
lawyer in Atlanta can represent a client in State or Federal tax court and may represent those who find themselves the subject of an enforcement proceeding such as an injunction or garnishment.

Perhaps knowing when to call a tax lawyer in Atlanta can be difficult, you may think that the fee will to too high or if you simply ignore the tax situation it will disappear. However, having a professional to help you can make what can be a difficult situation easier to handle. A tax lawyer can help you with:

* Audits: If the IRS questions your return, wanting to dig a little deeper into your tax affairs they may request an audit. The least complicated audit will be done through the mail, other audits which are in the IRS office or your home or place of business are more serious and you will want a tax lawyer involved.

* Appeals: A tax lawyer can help you understand your right to appeal and what to expect during the appeal process.

* Penalties: There are many reasons why the IRS may penalize a taxpayer, they include failure to file, failure to pay and many more. A tax lawyer can help in navigating the myriad of ways the IRS go about penalizing a taxpayer.

Innocent mistakes are one thing but if the IRS accuses you of a serious crime such as tax evasion or falsification of documents, a tax lawyer in Atlanta can help.

If you are having difficulties with the IRS be it for personal or commercial taxes you should consult with a tax lawyer in Atlanta. You are invited to contact Jeffrey L. Cohen, Attorney at Law.


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