DUI Lawyer In Frederick – Facts You Should Know About Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense and if you have been caught in the act, it is probable that you will need to hire a DUI lawyer in Frederick. A DUI lawyer in Frederick will be able to support you through court proceedings and their professional representation enables them to fight fiercely to get any charges dropped. There will be particular documents you should hand over to a lawyer in this field so that a positive outcome can be reached. These will include any test results and photos of where the incident took place. Before you contact a DUI lawyer in Frederick to help you, there are some things you will need to prepare for.

DUI Lawyer In Frederick – What Happens After Immediate Arrest?

If you are pulled over and arrested as a result of your actions, the police officer will be required to perform some duties. It is important that this happens, so that the DUI lawyer in Frederick can effectively fight for your rights in the courtroom. The officer should pass on a copy of the revocation form or the completed notice of suspension to the DMV. Along with this, a driver’s license will also be passed on, so long as you are legally licensed to drive. Following this, the DMV will review everything so that a conclusion can be drawn up regarding possible license suspension.

DUI Lawyer In Frederick – Chemical Test & License Suspension

Before you actually meet with a DUI lawyer in Frederick, you may have to undergo chemical testing and if the rest results come back stating that you were over the legal limit to drive; your license may be suspended. When the suspension or revocation ends, you can get your license back but normally, you will need to pay a reissue fee to the DMV, so that you can prove your financial situation. If the officer issues a Temporary License or an Order of Suspension, you will be allowed to drive for up to 30 days after this was issued.

DUI Lawyer In Frederick – Attending A Court Hearing

Chemical test results will differ based on how much alcohol you consumed or what drugs you took at the time when you were charged with a DUI offense. A DUI lawyer in Frederick will need to represent you at a court hearing if you believe that the decision is unjustified. When chemical tests show you were over the limit to drive, you could face a 4-month suspension for a first-time offense and a possible 1-year suspension if it is a subsequent offense. To prevent disruptions in your life, it is vital to gain representation immediately.


It is necessary that you take chemical tests as required by law so if you are unhappy with the results, be sure to contact a DUI lawyer in Frederick. For more information, visit gwolaw.com.

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