Filing for Benefits with a Veterans Affairs Newport News Attorney

Filing to receive your VA benefits can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. There is a lot of red tape that you have to go through and it can take months just to hear a decision. That’s why you should hire a Veterans Affairs Newport News attorney to help you with the filing process. Here are some tips you can use when you file to better your chances of getting your benefits as soon as possible.

Communication is Essential

It may be frustrating calling the VA department regularly and speaking with someone about your case, but it is very important that you keep the lines of communication open. If you just file your case and leave it at that, you could end up waiting months before hearing if you are even eligible for benefits or not.

Hire Legal Representation

While it’s free to apply for your VA benefits, there may e times when it would benefit you to hire a Veterans Affairs Newport News attorney to represent you during the process. Sometimes things move along a little bit faster when you have a legal representative working on the case on your behalf.

Provide Medical Documentation

If you have been treated by medical professionals outside of the VA department, you will need to get those records submitted when you apply for benefits. The personnel in the VA department will ask you to sign a waiver so they can request those records from your medical professionals, but the process will be much simpler if you take care of this part yourself.

Go to Your Appointments

During the application process, one of the things that the VA department may require you to do is get some examinations by their doctors. This is routine procedure and it is to determine the degree of your disability. Don’t skip out on these examinations or be late to them. They are very important in evaluating your eligibility. If you don’t show up to them, you could forfeit your benefits or make the process drag on much longer.

Read the Decision Carefully

Once the VA department has reached a decision concerning your eligibility, they will send you a letter. You should read this carefully and have your attorney read it as well. If you don’t agree with the decision, you should contact your representative right away so it can be fixed. Don’t wait too long to contact your representative. Otherwise, you may need to file an appeal which can be another long and drawn out process.

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