Fort Collins Truck Accident Attorney

Large trucks are what move everything we use from place to place. Food, supplies and mail are shipped across the United States on a daily basis. There are thousands of 18-wheelers, tractor trailers and semi-trucks on America’s highways at any given time. While these big trucks are what keep America running, they also increase the risk of traffic accidents on the roads.

Eighteen-wheelers are extremely powerful vehicles. They typically weigh approximately 80,000 pounds, while a normal sized passenger vehicle typically weighs approximately 5,000 pounds. Large trucks are also more likely to be involved in multiple-vehicle accidents.

Due to the dangerous nature of these large trucks, there are strict laws imposed for truck drivers and trucking companies. Truck drivers are required by law to keep meticulous travel records, such as driving log books, fuel receipts and other trip documentation. They are required to hang on to these documents for at least six months. They are also required to keep truck maintenance documentation for a year. These documents can be audited at any time for compliance with Fort Collins truck laws. Drivers must also adhere to certain driving time restrictions to ensure proper rest, since driver fatigue is a major factor in the majority of big truck crashes. Also, Fort Collins trucking companies must verify a minimum of three years driving experience before hiring new truck drivers. These are just a few of Fort Collins truck driving laws.

Despite strict regulations, truck drivers do not always adhere to getting enough rest, unfortunately causing preventable accidents. Since big trucks are several times larger than regular passenger vehicles, several passenger vehicles are often involved in tractor trailer crashes, and they usually sustain significant damage. Tractor trailer crashes often lead to significant injuries or death, due to the size of the trucks.

If you or a loved one was the victim of an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you will have to consult with many people. You will speak with law enforcement, doctors and other parties involved, among others. As a victim, you have rights, and they should be adequately represented. You should hire an attorney who is familiar with Fort Collins truck laws to represent your case to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your injuries.

Large trucks are very important to our economy, but they can also be very dangerous. In Fort Collins, there are strict laws regulating the operation of large trucks. Sometimes these laws aren’t always adhered to, which often leads to accidents. Sometimes accidents even happen when all laws are being correctly followed. Accidents involving big trucks are often extremely damaging. As a victim, you have rights and should hire an attorney to fight for you. There are many Fort Collins attorneys experienced in truck laws who can help ensure you receive fair compensation following an accident.

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