Reasons You May Need Compensation for a Personal Injury

Personal injuries are those that result in bodily harm or injury due to an accident or intentional situation. Car accidents, slip and falls, assault, or hit and run accidents are all reasons you may need to hire a personal injury attorney in Burbank. Although many people suffer personal injuries as the result of an accident and never hire an attorney, you should understand that any personal injury you receive as a result of someone’s negligence or purposeful intent could be tried in a court of law. There are laws available to protect people who suffer from a personal injury, specifically so those injured can receive compensation.

Compensation for Medical Care

One of the biggest reasons you should consider filing a claim is to help pay for medical expenses. The extent of your injuries determines the level of medical care you need, but if your injury requires a hospital stay or multiple doctor visits, you should consider filing for compensation. A good example of a situation that warrants litigation is if you are involved in a hit and run accident and suffer extensive injuries. If the police locate the guilty party, you have the legal right to file a claim to pay for your medical expenses.

Filing a Claim for Property Damage

In some personal injury cases, your personal injury attorney in Burbank will help you file for compensation to pay for property damage. This could be damage to your vehicle after a car accident or portions of your home that may have been damaged during an altercation that resulted in injury. Your attorney will know best how to file a claim for injury and property damage, so always retain an attorney as soon as possible.

Compensation for Loss of Wages

Your injuries may prevent you from going back to work, or it may cause you to take a different position at your company that causes a reduction in pay. Your personal injury attorney in Burbank can consult with you on your case and determine if you deserve compensation for loss of wages. In many situations, a judge will grant compensation for loss of wages, especially if the claimant is the sole provider for a family or has no fault in the injury scenario.

Personal injury is a serious matter, so always consult with a personal injury attorney in Burbank who can help. Visit website to consult with an attorney about your case.

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