3 Benefits of Choosing Mediation Over a Traditional Divorce in Miami, FL

While no one plans on having to get divorced in the future, it’s often the only option available to some couples. If you find yourself in this situation, you may already be entrenched in the adversarial process of a traditional divorce hearing. Instead of going through with a process that will create more animosity between you and your spouse, consider the many benefits that family law mediation in Miami, FL, provides.

Keep Things Civil
While a traditional divorce hearing pits one spouse against the other, mediation requires that the two individuals work together to achieve a common goal. This is especially important if there are minor children involved because parents who can continue to get along will provide a healthier environment for their children.

Keep Assets With Sentimental Value
In a traditional divorce, assets are divided up based on their monetary value with very little consideration given to their personal meaning. In mediation, you and your spouse can compromise on the division of assets to allow one individual to keep personal mementos.

Create a Fairer Settlement
Rather than leaving everything up to a judge with a very busy schedule, you and your spouse can determine your own settlement terms through family law mediation in Miami, FL. This allows you and your spouse to decide on issues like child custody, support payments, and the division of assets together. While a judge will still have to approve the settlement to ensure it really is equitable, mediation allows you to end your marriage on your own terms.

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