A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Kankakee Can Help a Client Document a Claim

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle crashes are often different than the average car accident. The motorcyclist is exposed and often traveling at a high speed; meaning crashes can cause severe injuries and death. Victims can click here for more points to consider if they are in a motorcycle crash.

Document the Case

As soon as possible after the incident, a police report should be filed. This report is a valuable piece of evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. The victim or a representative should gather information from involved parties and witnesses, such as driver’s license numbers and contact information. If the victim is treated for their injuries, they should retain receipts and records from medical providers. They should also document any income lost due to the injury. By taking these steps, victims can more easily deal with the insurance company and with the other driver’s attorneys.

Determine Liability for the Accident

In motorcycle accidents, courts consider a variety of factors in determining liability for the incident and subsequent injuries. These factors can include:

* Both parties’ adherence to traffic laws

* Weather

* Video or photographic evidence

* The conditions of the involved vehicles

* The motorcyclist’s helmet use

* The rider’s history of traffic offenses

* Testimony from witnesses

* Physical evidence like damaged equipment and skid marks

There are often subtle differences between the terms crash and accident. An accident typically implies that multiple vehicles are involved, while a crash often means that only the rider is involved in the incident. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Kankakee can offer a more detailed explanation of these differences.

Recovery for Motorcycle Accident Victims

In most cases, motorcycle accident recovery is handled through insurers. However, for incidents due to collisions between motorcycles and cars, the rider’s injuries may be severe. In these claims, victims can file a suit to receive damages for their medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. The extent of the recovery depends on the circumstances of the accident and on state law.

Does an Accident Victim Always Need a Lawyer?

Many personal injury cases require the help of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Kankakee, and even the simplest cases can benefit from the extensive knowledge and legal advice a lawyer can provide. Motorcycle laws vary depending on jurisdiction, and a lawyer can instruct clients on the best way to proceed.

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