A Philadelphia Malpractice Lawyer Helps You Determine if You Have a Case

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Lawyer

Patients put their trust in physicians, expecting the caregiver to do the right thing. Unfortunately, there are times that trust is breached. The outcome can be a minor problem that resolves over time or something life altering entirely. Whatever the situation and outcome may be, you didn’t expect it, nor was it supposed to happen. The question is, was your injury caused because of something that went wrong during the procedure, was it human error or was it because the physician ignored their training? It takes the help of a Philadelphia Malpractice lawyer to get to the bottom of things.

Malpractice is not necessarily the easiest of personal injury cases to prove. The courts recognize that physicians are human and mistakes happen. If your life has been changed because of an accident, you are less likely to have a successful outcome, or one that satisfies your needs. When the outcome is due to an unexpected event where no one is to blame, it’s even more difficult to get a case put together and resolved satisfactorily.

It’s when a physician goes outside of their training or ignores it entirely and causes injury that the situation is a true medical malpractice case. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the surgeon makes a decision that causes an adverse result. The result could be a child with a brain injury during birth, or an adult can no longer live a normal life. Whatever the injury does, the fact of the matter is that it was entirely avoidable had the physician not decided to go beyond their training.

Medical procedures are called procedures for a reason. They are the result of years of experimentation in the search for a good to excellent outcome. A physician who ignores procedure puts themselves at risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit if the action results in a poor outcome.

A lawyer can help create a lawsuit against the physician by getting your medical records and sending them to medical experts. The experts go through the documentation and help make the decision if the case is one of a poor decision or something else entirely. All of this is done so you can get compensation to cover the losses you suffered as a result of the procedure gone wrong.

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