After an Accident In Toledo, Hurt is Just the Beginning of What is to Come

One moment you’re going about your day as normal. Next thing you know is that some kind of impact has happened, but you’re not sure exactly what. Then the ambulance arrives, you’re loaded in and taken to the hospital for a battery of tests. You’ve got injuries, some more serious than others, and the full extent of them is not quite clear yet. What is clear is that you got them because of someone else’s bad decision, and now you’re dealing with a world of Toledo Hurt. It’s not how you envisioned your day to end.

Being an accident victim is no place to be. You had every intention of staying in one piece, and someone took that intent away from you because of their careless decision. Make it a point to contact an attorney, or have a family member do it on your behalf at the first available opportunity. It may not seem like it’s necessary now to do so, but if insurance is involved, you can’t trust it to make good on your Toledo Hurt.

The chances are good that the offender that hurt you has a liability policy. A liability policy covers an incident like yours, protecting the offender from any lawsuit you bring against them. As a result, they don’t have to directly pay out from their own pocket. The insurance company is the entity that takes care of your bills, but you really can’t rely on it to do the right thing and cover what you need to take care of.

The insurance company is going to do what it can to get you to settle before you talk to a lawyer. The representatives are going to be polite, even sympathetic to your plight, trying every trick in the book to get you to take the money on offer. At no time are you under any obligation to take the settlement, even though the representatives may try to convince you otherwise.



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