Bail Bond Services in Pontiac Helps Defendants Post Bail Quickly

When a person is arrested and put in jail, their first thought is that they want to get out. Jail is an unpleasant and sometimes scary place. So it’s no surprise that most people, even career criminals, don’t enjoy it. However, there is a practical side of getting out of jail quickly. It minimizes the number of people who know about the arrest.Contacting a Bail Bondsman in Pontiac and posting bail quickly means that a person doesn’t have to miss any work time. When they are able to go about their daily business, no one will guess that they are facing criminal charges.

A bail bond agent is available at most companies 24 hours day. People can get bail on Easter Sunday or Christmas day. Most bonding companies require that a person put up 10 percent of the bail and pay a fee. They accept cash, a check or credit cards. A few will even set up payment plans. The fee varies among bonding companies. Defendants who are low on funds may want to call several bail bond companies to compare fees and charges.

Bail is a promise to appear in court, whenever the judge requests it. If the defendant does not appear, then the bail bond company may have to forfeit the bond. Usually the judge gives the Bail Bondsman in Pontiac a few days to find the defendant. That’s why when an arrested person applies for bail, they have to fill out a detailed application. This information is used to find them if they don’t show up in court at the requested time. It is a felony to lie on a bail application. They will face a new criminal charge and can expect to be locked up in jail.

To get bail, they will have to provide their real name and address. If they use an alias or street name, they will have to give that as well. Sometimes it can be hard to identify a defendant, so the bail bond agent will take a picture of their face and any tattoos. It’s so hard to permanently change tattoos, that these are an easy way to identify someone. They will also have to name all of their close friends and family members. Visit our Website at . Follow us on Twitter.

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