Can I Get Help From a SSDI Attorney in Newburgh, NY?

Private individuals attempting to register and qualify for Social Security Disability benefits face an uphill battle. Most claimants are denied at least once, and the government requires that claimants jump through myriad hoops before any benefits are approved. For most individuals, hiring an attorney for representation is a virtual necessity. Attorneys know the laws and what steps are required before a claim will be approved.

Being disabled for a long period of time is a significant burden for anyone to bear, but add to that the psychological strain of fighting a government bureaucracy, and the burdens can quickly become more than anyone should be required to handle on their own. Consulting with an attorney early on in the process of applying for SSDI often saves not only time, but also aggravation. Attorneys like the William D. MdGillicuddy Law Office PC provide assistance in the Newburgh area to help clients obtain the benefits they deserve.

Meet with a prospective SSDI Attorney in Newburgh, NY before making any decision about representation to make sure there is a rapport that will allow a comfortable attorney/client relationship. It may take some time to get an SSDI claim approved, and during that period the attorney and client must be able to communicate comfortably about the claim status.

Many injured employees continue to work after an injury, but it is not always easy. Injuries can reduce a person’s ability to complete the type of work they previously engaged in. While employers may be willing to make accommodations, there are many times when it is simply too difficult to continue working. An attorney, working with clients and medical professionals, can help clients make difficult decisions about continuing to work or seeking other alternatives like SSDI. Experts will advise consulting with professionals before making any decisions.

Obtaining approval for SSDI is complicated and there are many steps along the way that can lead to disapproval of the claim. When bills are due, those delays can be costly. Your SSDI Attorney in Newburgh, NY should be consulted before filing any forms with the government to ensure that critical mistakes are not made that could delay claim approval.


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