Car Accident Lawyer St. Petersburg

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident and you’re not at fault, you know how traumatic it can be right after the event occurred. It is a stressful time and people tend to scramble since their minds begin racing. It’s important to try to remain as calm as possible and even more vital to contact a Car Accident Lawyer St. Petersburg. This is one of the first steps to ensuring that you receive a favorable outcome.

Choosing to hire an accident attorney will help to protect you in case there is a settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company. Never sign anything from the other driver’s insurance adjuster since this is normally their final settlement and you could be signing away your rights to ever receive any further monies even if your injuries end up becoming worse. An insurance adjuster from the other driver will attempt to have you sign documents, but you should refuse to so and state you are hiring an attorney. This will get the insurance company to back off while you look for counsel.

Another mistake people make after an auto accident is trying to take on the insurance company on their own rather than hiring a Car Accident Lawyer St. Petersburg. This is never a wise move since the insurance company of the other driver will have their own lawyers and since you won’t have the same knowledge of the law, you’ll end up with less than you could have with an attorney present.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re planning to hire an auto accident attorney is that most will not charge you anything unless they win your case. This means you do not have to put money upfront and the initial consultation is normally free. An accident attorney will be able to tell you during your first consultation if you have a strong case and what steps should be followed along with their fees.

In most cases, your attorney will be able to settle with the insurance company so that there is no trial case. Having an accident is bad enough, but not having legal assistance can mean a very bad outcome for you. Calling an attorney immediately following the accident is your best chance at getting the settlement you deserve.


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