Diesel Exhaust And Cancer

Diesel is one of the many products that are derived from crude oil; it is used extensively to power engines used in heavy equipment. Diesel exhaust, the product of combustion, is made up of soot particles and gases. Both of these components are in turn made up of various by-products and materials.

  • Gases: The gas from diesel exhaust is a deadly cocktail carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen dioxide and various hydrocarbons.
  • Soot: Soot is the visible particulate; it is made up of carbon particles, metallic compounds, and organic material.

Health concerns include diesel exhaust cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. Anyone that believes they have contracted a disease because of diesel exhaust should consult with an attorney.

Diesel exhaust exposure:

It is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to diesel exhaust; it permeates the workplace, the home, and while traveling.

At work:

There are occupations that by their nature expose employees to high levels of diesel exhaust. Truck drivers, miners, toll collectors, railroad employees, dockworkers are but a few examples.

At home:

Although the levels are far less, it is difficult to avoid diesel exhaust even at home. Anyone that lives near a busy highway or expressway can attest to this fact.

While traveling:

People that have to commute to and from work daily are exposed to high levels of diesel exhaust. As diesel fuel is used in school buses, the effects on children are of particular concern.

Extensive studies in laboratories as well as with human subjects have shown that that exposure to the substance can cause diesel exhaust cancer.

Lung cancer is the main form of cancer linked directly to diesel exhaust inhalation. Those working in industries such as the railroads, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, etc. have been identified as being particularly at risk. The incidence of lung cancer from diesel exhaust has been found to be much higher than in people who work in industries where exposure is limited. There appears to be no doubt that diesel exhaust cancer is a serious problem that must be addressed.

The evidence of diesel exhaust cancer in certain industries is hard to dismiss. If you have reason to believe you may be a victim, contact Hughes Law Offices for a free case evaluation. Like us on our facebook page.

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