Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County – Helping to Build a Solid Case

When hiring domestic violence lawyers Santa Rosa County, it is important to remember that the lawyer will not be solely responsible for ensuring that you win the case. You have a major role to play in the building of the case itself. You should therefore take your time to understand what your role is and how to ensure that you assist the domestic violence lawyers build a solid case. The tips below apply to both the accused and the accuser.

It is important to be totally honest with your lawyer. Many people only give their lawyers half the information required. This doesn’t help with the investigation for the case. Being completely honest will help your lawyer determine the best approach to take in the case. If you committed the crime, let your lawyer know. Ensure that they understand all the circumstances surrounding the crime whether you are the victim or the accused. Lawyers have a professional obligation to confidentiality on behalf of their clients.

If you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, this should be revealed to the domestic violence lawyers Santa Rosa County as soon as possible. Withholding this information could hurt your case whether you are the accused or the victim. It is important also to show that you are trying to get help for the problem. You should therefore seek professional counseling in a rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

If you have been accused for a domestic violence crime, you should make an effort to make amends with the accuser and all those involved in the case. Be completely honest with them and let them know what happened to cause the incident. It may be that you lost your temper, were under the influence of drugs or alcohol or were undergoing a great deal of stress.

It is important to keep good and reliable records. These records will assist the domestic violence lawyers in building a case. They will be able to track all your activities since the incident. It is important to report to the lawyers in case of anything incidents following the filing of the case e.g. threats.

Do not talk to interviewers or any third party about the case if your lawyer is not present. It is best not to talk at all. Let the domestic violence lawyers represent you in interviews and any other forum. You may end up incriminating yourself by what you say. Your lawyers understand all the tricks used to trap those accused of violence as well as victims of domestic violence. They will therefore know how to answer questions and portray you in the best possible light.

Ensure that you hire reliable domestic violence lawyers Santa Rosa County whether you are the victim or the accused.



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