Experience matters in handling wrongful-death cases

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Lawyer

The law, regardless of what branch it is – divorce, property disputes, taxation or immigration – is usually a double-edged sword. And if practicing attorney’s aren’t extremely good at what they do, then justice can often be subverted. But as an Accident Lawyer Portland OR, there’s even more at stake than most other legal situations. The price of not being the very best can therefore scar a client for life.

Victims of accidents and wrongful death situations are often scarred and traumatized much before they reach out to consult with or engage an Accident Lawyer in Portland OR. As such, their judgements are often clouded and they are vulnerable. It is incumbent upon the attorney they consult with to deliver sound and objective advise, based on the facts of the case. And often, interpreting those facts correctly, in the light of the law, requires experience.

Attending the best law schools can give a lawyer an edge over some of his or her competitors, by providing a solid grounding in the letter of the law. However, it is years of practice and experience that helps an attorney understand and appreciate the spirit of the law. Without a firm grasp of the nuances of specific statues and clauses, and how to interpret them in specific situations, and how to apply them to a clients advantage, no amount of schooling matters. Experience always wins the day in court!

But experience in personal injury and wrongful death law does not come simply by being a lawyer for many decades. It requires front-line experience in consulting with victims of accidents, negotiating with both parties in wrongful death situations, and even in trying cases before a judge and jury. As a victim of an accident or a sufferer of personal injury, you’d be hard pressed to find an accident lawyer in Portland OR that can bring all of those skills, and more, to your aid.

It is precisely that kind of experience that victims of accidents and wrongful deaths need to stand behind them in a court of law. And it is only that kind of experience that will be able to withstand the onslaught of batteries of high-paid lawyers that insurance companies and big corporations can afford. Individuals with less experienced lawyers won’t stand a chance!

So if you are unfortunate enough to ever need a lawyer for a personal injury or wrongful death situation, schedule a free consultation with prospective lawyers first. And while you should always ask about formal education and apprenticeship training, make sure you spend a lot of time evaluating their experience. And the more focused that experience is towards your specific situation – accidents, wrongful death, personal injury – the more likely your chances of a successful settlement will be.


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