Facing Drunk Driving Charges? Get Released Quickly with DUI Bail Bonds in Minnesota

If a person is not a habitual drunk driver, then his DUI arrest will probably be his first arrest. He may have been out celebrating a friend’s promotion and lost track of his drinks. He doesn’t realize that he had too much to drink until the police officer pulls him over and he flunks the breathalyzer test. The full impact of the situation doesn’t really hit him until he is arraigned and the judge sets bail. He then has to call his wife and ask her to find a company that provides DUI Bail Bonds in Minnesota.

She is terrified that the bail bondsman will yell at her and be rude. It’s very reassuring when a professional and courteous person answers the phone at 2:30 am. She has no idea of what to do and he patiently explains the process. He needs her husband’s name, address, and employment history. He also wants to know if they own their own home. He explains that his company charges a premium of 10 percent of the bail bond and travel expenses. Because her husband has worked at the same job for the past 18 years and has a good credit rating, they will not have to put up collateral for the bond.

The bond agent will meet her husband at the nearby jail and fill out the paperwork. In about an hour, he will be free to leave and to resume his life. DUI Bail Bonds in Minnesota allow people who are accused of drunk driving to easily help their attorney defend them on this serious charge. It also allows them to continue working and support their family. The bond agent is very knowledge about the legal system and can provide useful insight to the defendant. The bail bondsman will make sure that the defendant knows when his court date is. Because the defendant lost his license immediately, he will also make sure that he has a ride to the courthouse. This will continue until the case is completed.

Liberty Bail Bonds is one of the companies that write bonds for people accused of drunk driving.

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