Fighting A DWI With A Criminal Defense Attorney In Nassau County, NY

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The state of New York has zero tolerance for any driver who chooses to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances. The blood alcohol content readings that imply a DWI in New York are 0.08 percent for all non-commercial drivers and 0.04 percent for commercial operators. Any driver under the age of twenty-one is considered guilty of a DWI, if their blood-alcohol content reading is 0.02 percent. If you are arrested for a DWI, you should contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nassau County NY.

Classification of DWI: DWI is classified by the type of intoxication that is implied. The state of New York imposes charges that include DWAI, which implies that the driver was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. A DWAI combination implies that she or he had both substances in their bloodstream at the time of their arrest. An aggravated DWI is classified as any of these offenses in which the blood-alcohol content was at least 0.18 percent. The type of DWI could increase charges imposed on the accused. For instance, if controlled substances are found in the bloodstream, law enforcement will conduct a search of the vehicle if the controlled substance was not located immediately upon arrest. Any drugs found within the vehicle or otherwise in the driver’s possession will incur a drug charge based on its type and quantity. Anyone arrested on a DWI or related drug charge are advised to contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nassau County NY.

Penalties for DWI: The first DWI offense, in which alcohol was the cause, incurs no less than a six-month license suspension, and the driver spends a maximum of thirty days in jail. If a controlled substance contributed to the DWI, he or she spends a maximum of one year in county lockup. Once convicted, the driver is required to pay a fine of no less than $500 and a maximum of $750. He or she is further required to pay out $750 over the next three years as a yearly assessment fine. The court requires them to attend driving school and pay all applicable fees. An ignition interlock device could be installed into their vehicle for which they are responsible for all costs associated. Furthermore, the driver is required to purchase and maintain SR-22 automobile insurance. Anyone who is charged with a DWI should contact Gregory R. LaMarca to fight a conviction.

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