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You are in the throes of a divorce and can’t agree on anything. Your worst nightmare. You and your spouse have been talking together for a long time and because you are now divorcing you can’t seem to agree on anything. What to do? Matrimonial Mediation is the answer. Be positive. Speak to your Divorce Mediators. Long Island is where you work or live, and there are experts right near you. Try them for peace of mind.

If you are at the end of your tether, you have spoken to all your friends and family and they can’t help your situation then it is time for professional help. If you speak to a qualified matrimonial divorce mediator your problems will not just melt away but they will be put into perspective and that feeling in your tummy that has been causing you sleepless nights will disappear.

When somebody talks to you about your problem, and they are empathetic and highly skilled in mediation and negotiation then they will give you a calmness that you probably haven’t felt in a long time.

What to do about the children? Your experienced Divorce Mediator will be able to advise you on the legalities of your situation. If you can’t decide between you who is going to have custody of the children and how much maintenance they should have, then a chat to a professional and experienced Divorce Mediator will definitely be able to help. He or she has seen it all before and there will be no embarrassment or awkwardness to overcome. Just a calm and sensible discussion to smooth the situation and make you both realise that divorce need not become a war zone, and to come to a conclusion that is satisfactory to you both.

What to do about the property division? Your Divorce Mediator can advise on that also and if there are children involved, you really do not want them uprooted just because you and your spouse can not agree on a course of action. Children can become quite traumatised by having to leave their home and you do not want the responsibility of harming them in any way I am sure. Mediation can mean the difference between a divorce that hangs around the courts for an interminable amount of time, or a sensible settlement that is helpful to you both. Time spent with your children is very important and if you can agree to divide the time you have with them I am sure it will make for much happier children. If you are living in Long Island a Divorce Mediator is easily contactable through websites and you will likely be able to have your first appointment free of charge.

Making an appointment with a Divorce Mediator in Long Island soon could mean all the difference between a divorce taking years to settle and a divorce which won’t go away. You don’t want that, do you?
It’s a beautiful world, don’t let animosity between you and your spouse spoil it. Seek help immediately Divorce Mediators Long Island call 516-248-7844 for more information or a free consultation. They have all the answers.

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