Getting a DUI Attorney Salisbury MD Professional to Avoid Jail

There’s no doubt that getting arrested for drinking and driving is a very serious offense. There are a number of penalties that come with this type of arrest, and the most feared consequence is spending time in jail. For more serious offenses, a convicted individual can spend anywhere from several days to many months behind bars. In order to avoid this penalty, an accused will frequently hire the services of a DUI attorney Salisbury MD professional to protect their legal rights while minimizing or even eliminating the charges against them.

Reducing Your Charges
If there are charges associated with your event not related to alcohol use, they can typically be reduced. This would mean a decrease in fines and other penalties. It depends upon each individual circumstance. Many lawyers will attempt to combine all charges into one offense that doesn’t include having to spend time in jail as punishment. However, almost all drinking related offenses will entail having to perform community service or substance abuse treatment programs. A qualified DUI attorney Salisbury MD practitioner is there to discuss your options and provide the best defense possible on your behalf.

Getting the Best Possible Legal Representation
When a defendant has been arrested for a drinking and driving charge, they are typically given a breathalyzer test to determine their alcohol level. If it is over a certain amount, they’ll be taken to a processing center for fingerprints and then put in jail. Afterward, a bond is set and the defendant can pay a certain amount to get out. At this time, it’s recommended to hire a lawyer specializing in drinking and driving cases. The attorney will discuss and assess your situation before proceeding to the next step. Their job is to try and minimize the charges if possible. It’s important to find a skilled legal representative having experience handling these types of cases.

Avoiding Time in Jail
Many states allow drivers arrested for DUI offenses to avoid jail time under certain circumstances. For example, those who are first-time offenders having an otherwise clean driving record will probably avoid incarceration if no serious injury or death occurred at the scene. A DUI attorney Salisbury MD professional will provide evidence the client is not an established criminal and should remain free from jail. Even upon a conviction, a skilled attorney can often negotiate the penalties involved. This might include increased hours of community service in exchange for freedom.



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