Getting Divorced? Speak with a New York Family Attorney About Mediation ?

It’s always sad when two people get divorced. It’s very upsetting for them and the children when it turns into a court battle with each of them trying to win. Prolonged court battles are very expensive and it gives all of the power to a judge to makes the decisions. In New York State divorce mediation is an alternative that couples can consider. In this case they work with a New York Family Attorney practice that also hires professional divorce mediators. The mediator is expert at helping estranged spouses to define what they need out of the divorce settlement. Once the couple agrees on the division of property and child custody arrangements, they lawyer draws up the paperwork and submits it to the court.

Couple who are divorcing might not be able to picture themselves agreeing on anything. The mediator or collaborative attorney will help them through this process. In order for it to work the couple must agree that they won’t go to court and that they will share information freely and honestly. This establishes a rapport that can be used after the divorce to deal with changes in alimony or child support arrangements. The same attorney and mediator will be available at these times as well.

It can be difficult and expensive to move from a shared single residence to two independent units. When the couple works together and looks at all of the expenses, one partner is less likely to feel abused. Instead of one partner living in a small apartment, while the other stays in the house with the kids, they might look at selling the house and moving into two smaller condominiums. As they examine the child custody agreement, they might agree that each set of grandparents will help with childcare, so that both parents can afford to work, without incurring a lot of daycare expenses.

The efforts of the New York Family Attorney and mediator will help forge an agreement that both parties feel is fair. This should lower the hostility level and let the partners move on in their lives. It should also reduce the children’s stress levels because the parents will be happier.

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