How an Injury Lawyer in Wichita can Help You Protect Your Legal Rights

You’ve been in a serious accident, and you’ve been hurt badly. Not only that, you’ve lost your car because it was totaled. First you were transported to the hospital, then in the emergency room, had tests ran and x-rays done, now you’re working on healing up from all of your injuries. None of this comes cheaply, and you should be covered by the “other guy’s” insurance policy. Never, ever trust the insurance company to do what’s right and take care of what its driver did to you. Instead, contact an Wichita Injury Lawyer for help.

Chances are you’re not feeling up to getting into a legal situation with the insurer. After all, you hurt badly, and all you want to do is for everything to go away. Except it won’t. You need to protect yourself against the insurance company, and take advantage of the legal rights afforded to you by state law. There is a statute of limitations that starts counting down the moment the incident happens, and you have to bring a lawsuit within that time frame to have any hope of proper compensation. This is a large reason as to why you need an Injury Lawyer in Wichita.

The other part of the reason why you are going to need an Injury Lawyer Wichita is the fact the insurer is not going to play nicely. There is a famous case where an insurance company worked so hard to not pay out that it defended the person who caused the death of its customer. Yet the person who was killed had bought and paid for extra insurance against the very incident. This is just one example of why you can’t trust an insurance company.

Insurers do not like to pay out money any more than it has to. To that end, it will do what it can to deny, drag out the claim or pay you as little as possible. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a lawyer to help push back against the insurer and create a settlement that takes care of your needs. You have lost time and money, your vehicle and even your health. Let a lawyer redress the wrong committed against you.

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