How Bolingbrook Social Security Lawyers Help with Rejected Claims

People who file for Social Security benefits often do not realize that first claims are much more likely to be rejected. The reasons for the rejection cover a wide range and may be somewhat confusing to those who are not aware of how the Social Security Administration works. This is where choosing to engage the services of Bolingbrook Social Security Lawyers will make a huge difference in what happens next.

Reviewing the Rejected Claim

Clients who bring rejected claims to Bolingbrook Social Security Lawyers can expect those claims to undergo careful scrutiny before any further action takes place. The purpose of this thorough evaluation is to determine if there are more issues with those claims that could trigger a rejection, other than those mentioned in the rejection letter. This is important, since the personnel reviewing the original claim may not have gone any further after identifying that first issue with the information provided on the claim.

Preparing the Amended Claim

With the help of an attorney with a working knowledge of Social Security laws and procedures, it is possible to file an updated or amended claim. That claims will specifically address the issues mentioned in the original rejection. The document will also correct any other potential issues that the attorney found during the evaluation of the original submission. In many cases, that second attempt will be approved and the client will begin to receive his or her benefits.

Going Before a Review Board

In the event that there is still an issue with securing benefits that the client is entitled to receive, the lawyer may request a formal hearing before a review board. This provides the opportunity to plead the case of the client in a live setting. Clients do not necessarily have to be present at the hearing; instead, the legal counsel from a law firm such as Nash Disability Law serves as the representative and advocate. Assuming that the client does have a valid claim on Social Security benefits, the results of that formal hearing are likely to include approval of future benefits and possibly ordering benefits that are retroactive to the date of the original filing. The result is monthly income that helps to provide the client with food, clothing, shelter, and the ability to seek medical aid when needed.


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