How Do Back Payments Work With Social Security Disability Benefits?

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Lawyer

Getting access to Social Security disability benefits can take a long time. About 70 percent of the people who apply for these benefits are denied on their first try. Most people who are currently receiving disability benefits have gone through an appeal after their initial denial. With that said, when your claim is finally approved, and you start receiving your benefits, you will also receive back payments from the time it took to approve your claim.

Date of Application
Back payments from the Social Security Administration are made because it takes a long time to process a request. There are a few determining factors that can help you figure out how far back your payments would have started. The first determining factor is your application date. You may receive back payments from the time of your application, and you may even be eligible to receive retroactive benefits which apply to the year before your application.

Start of Disability
You can receive Social Security disability benefits based on the date of the start of your disability as you record in your disability benefits application. This date is the date you record as most likely the time your disability began. This date is called the alleged onset date, or the AOD.

However, an EOD (established onset date) will be assigned to your case, and this date is determined by a disability examiner. This date is based on your medical records, lab results, and work history, and it is what is considered the actual start of your disability.

Five-Month Period
If you are an accepted applicant with an established onset dates, there is a five-month waiting period that will be deducted from your benefits. You are not to receive any benefits until five months after the beginning of your disability.

Back payments are a fortunate thing for those who are disabled unable to work. This system allows them to make up for all the time they have been missing out on receiving benefits. If you are in the state of North Carolina, and you need a Social Security Disability lawyer, there are plenty you can count on to help you. Click here to learn more.

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