How Soon Should You See A Lawyer After A Personal Injury Or Accident?

After you’ve been in an accident, the last thing on your mind is how you’re going to proceed legally. This is especially true if you’ve sustained serious injury or you’re feeling emotionally compromised from the ordeal. However, given how complex PIP law can be, contacting a personal injury protection attorney in Jacksonville as soon as possible is in your best interests.

1. Released for Recovery, Now What?
The answer to this question is that the next thing you should do before anything else is to file a PIP claim, if not before leaving the hospital, and then contact an attorney. In a best case scenario, your insurance company will simply pay out the full cost of your medical bill and be done with it. However, oftentimes, this simply isn’t the case. Getting in touch with a lawyer before you even find yourself in such a mess, if only for advice, is a good start to make sure you’re on top of your claim.

2. You Don’t Have to Wait
According to, even if you’re still receiving medical treatment, it can be useful to get started filing your claim. There are statutes of limitations, different types of documentation required, and are well to satisfactory standards. Getting expert advice from the get-go from a personal injury protection attorney in Jacksonville can mean the difference between leaving your medical provider with a large portion of a bill you’ll be held responsible for, or walking away with your costs covered. If you need to take your insurance provider to court, you should do it sooner rather than later. At the very least, know your options.

Getting into an auto accident in both traumatic and emotionally draining, but what’s even more stressful is dealing with the medical costs in the aftermath. Make sure you’re ready to get tough and claim what’s yours if your PIP insurer resists paying what they’re obligated to.

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