How to Choose a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer for a Social Security disability benefits claim takes some time. Rather than choosing the one whose ads are all over the place, it is important to do proper research and find the most appropriate lawyer for your circumstances. The application and appeals process can take many months, so it is important to choose the most qualified person for the job. You will be spending a great deal of time together over the next several weeks.

Step 1: Gather a List of Qualified Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyers

Start by finding out about lawyers and firms in your area that specialize in social security. Ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, and co-workers who may have needed legal help. Other sources for lawyer listings include the Social Security Association office, professional organizations, or other legal professionals you may know.

Verify that each lawyer is certified to practice law in the area where you live. This information can be found through the state bar association. Choose several that are local, qualified, and currently active.

Step 2: Narrow Down the Selection Through Research

Once you have made a list of potential lawyers, visit the website of each to get more specific information. You want to be sure that the lawyer can handle your claim. Information on the website should be straightforward. Consider the following factors:

  • •   The size of the law firm
  • •   Educational background on each lawyer
  • •   Specializations that are most commonly handled
  • •   Testimonials from past clients

Contact information should be easy to find. Most will also include information on making appointments.

Step 3: Meet with Potential Lawyers

Narrow down the selection to a few lawyers who seem promising. Call each firm or lawyer and ask any additional questions you may have, such as availability or information on their evaluation process. It is important to ask about upfront costs at this point to avoid surprises later.

Schedule a meeting with each lawyer to discuss the details of your claim. They will be evaluating the likelihood of winning your case. This is your opportunity to ask questions more specific to your claim, such as experience with your particular disability.

Step 4: Choose and Hire a Lawyer

Personality plays a big role in choosing the Social Security disability lawyer you will hire. Sometimes conflicting personalities or simply an odd vibe can make working together a challenge. You want someone with whom you feel comfortable. A combination of factors can help you choose the single best person for your case.

Before hiring a lawyer, request that the details of your contract be written out. This should include responsibilities, fees, and details on how your case will be handled. Visit Disability Lawyer for more information.



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