How To Choose Between Bankruptcy Lawyers In Fort Lauderdale

If you have decided to file bankruptcy and have heard that bankruptcy lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can help the process go more smoothly than if you file on your own, you have heard right.  But there are a few things you need to do before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer and a few things to ensure that you hire someone who is not going to charge you an arm and a leg and never even return your calls.  There are good lawyers out there who want to help you and will be on your side.  You just have to go through some steps to find them.

Before choosing a bankruptcy lawyer, you should first learn a little about bankruptcy and the process of filing.  You don’t have to start the process, but at least educate yourself on what is is and how it works.  There are different types of bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 is the type of bankruptcy you should file when you have an income.  It allows you to be able to keep your home, car and other assets while the courts work out a payoff arrangement with your creditors.  Chapter 7 is when you liquidate all of your assets.  This is the best option for someone who has no income and no foreseeable future income.  You will also want to review the laws and regulations of your state when it comes to filing bankruptcy.  Different states have different laws.

Next, you will want to sit down with a couple different bankruptcy lawyers to discuss what you need from them.  It’s important to feel totally comfortable with your lawyer.  You need to trust that this person will work hard for you.  They are in control of your financial destiny.  Make sure you feel comfortable with them.  You will need to be honest with them as well and share a lot of personal information about your debt.  Keep in mind that you are hiring a lawyer to help you, not to impress them.

When looking at bankruptcy lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, make sure you find someone who is experienced and has helped other people successfully file for bankruptcy.

By finding the right lawyer, you will have a good experience and everything should go smoothly when it comes to filing.  They will help you with all of your forms, contacting your creditors and going to court if it comes to that.






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