Information on Social Security Disability Law in Atlanta

Unfortunately, many people become physically or mentally disabled each year and find life quickly becomes very difficult to face. When you are no longer able to work because of your disabled condition, you need to understand your rights for getting help. Through Social Security Disability Law in Atlanta, you can hire an attorney to help you through the process. Most social security disability lawyers do not require their clients to pay any fees unless they win. This allows you to get the help you need, without putting further strain on your finances.

Understanding Social Security Disability Law in Atlanta

When you file for disability, you will be required to provide medical documentation of your disability. You will need at least two doctors to state your disability and give a diagnosis as to why you are no longer able to work. Most medical conditions can be considered for disability, depending on the severity. The more medical proof you have in filing for your disability rights, the better the chances of you getting an approval.

As your attorney begins the process for filing, it will take time for you to receive an answer. Many people are denied upon their first filing and must make the decision to appeal. Through an appeal, your lawyer will be able to present all of your medical information before a judge. The judge will reside over the case and will make the final ruling when it comes to your approval or denial of your social security disability benefits. If you are awarded benefits, you will receive your first payment dating back all of the weeks since you first filed. After this first payment, you will begin receiving your regular monthly benefit checks.

If you are suffering with a permanent disability and are unsure of how to get help, know your rights and first contact a lawyer. Through the help of a lawyer, your case can get the attention it needs, so your forms are properly filed. Should you be denied, you will have the legal help needed to file an appeal. Your attorney will help you through ever step of the way and will work to get you the benefits you deserve. To get the legal help you need, Contact Affleck & Gordon, P.C. today.



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