It Makes Sense To Consult A Divorce Lawyer In Milwaukee, WI

Getting a divorce is stressful and complicated. Further, there are few who understand the different legal concepts involved. That is why anyone considering a divorce should consult a Divorce Lawyer in Milwaukee WI. It does not matter whether the divorce is no-fault or based on fault grounds.

Does Fault Really Matter?

It is not necessary for spouses to state a fault ground to obtain a divorce. Typically, fault grounds include things like abandonment, adultery, and cruel treatment. Regardless, many states grant divorces on no-fault grounds after 31-days of separation. Therefore, seek legal advice to get more information.

Contesting The Divorce

The Divorce Lawyer in Milwaukee WI counsels that no one can really stop a divorce. Contesting a divorce makes the process last longer and cost more. Courts prefer that spouses try to work out any issues in the divorce through mediation. Mediation involves meeting with a neutral third-party and trying to iron out an agreement.

A complete divorce agreement must accompany a petition for an uncontested divorce. The agreement must contain all issues involving minor children, property division, and debt division.

Why A Lawyer Is Important

It is key to work with a lawyer in drafting a divorce agreement. This is especially true if property and children are involved. Courts are requiring more specific information regarding parenting plans. Specifically, the agreement needs to state who will have custody of the children. Further, the Judge wants to know that the custody arrangement is fair. Hence, most courts require a visitation schedule that includes custody on most holidays, school breaks, and summer vacation.

Moreover, child support must be included in any agreement. Further, most jurisdictions have a child support schedule. The dollar amount is based on the non-custodial parent’s income and other factors. Any deviation in the required child support figure must be explained.

Property and debt division must be fair and practical. Often, one party keeps the marital residence and tries to buy the other party out. However, the party that keeps the house must be able to refinance. It becomes a problem if the house cannot be refinanced and the other party remains liable. Experts advise heeding the lawyer’s advice to make the process go smoothly.

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