Long Island, NY Attorney: Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Regardless of where you live, there are three different kinds of speed limits including: absolute, presumed, and basic. In order for the Long Island, NY Attorney you hire to help you fight your speeding ticket, it is important to know what kind of speed limit you were cited for. Fortunately, the Long Island, NY Attorney you hire should be able to find this information out by looking at the police report.

An absolute speed limit is the speed limit that is posted. Basically, if there is a sign that posts the speed limit as 40 miles per hour, you have to go 40 miles per hour. If you were to go 45 miles per hour, you would be violating the speed limit. There are very limited defenses you can use for fighting a ticket for an absolute speed limit.

You could try to argue that you were speeding because of an emergency. You would have to be able to prove that you were speeding in order to avoid being injured. If your wife is going into labor in the back seat, this would be a justified reason for speeding. You could also challenge the determination of the police officer. Basically, this means you are arguing that the police officer inaccurately recorded your speed. Whether or not you can actually win a case challenging the opinion of a police officer is risky. You are definitely going to want to hire a lawyer from a law firm such as Siler and Ingber to help you.

If you get a ticket for going over the presumed speed limit, you could argue that you were going that speed because you considered it to be the safe speed limit at the time. If you are driving on a road with a speed limit of 35 and everyone around you is going 50, you are going to get hit if you go 35. You would have to go faster in order to avoid being rear-ended. You would just have to argue that you were driving with the flow of traffic in order to protect your car from being rear-ended.


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