Making Divorce Cost Effective With Family Law Firm

If you want to get married in Chicago, you rarely find obstructions preventing you from doing so. When it comes to divorce, however, you might find yourself facing several problems. One of them may be the actual cost. However, if you get in touch with a family law firm, they may be able to help you come up with a viable solution.

Types of Divorces and Accompanying Costs

In Illinois, divorce is separated into two basic categories. These are:

  1. Contested – This means one party or another contest, questions the divorce making it more difficult
  2. Uncontested – Both parties are in agreement on going ahead with getting a divorce

In terms of cost, the former can be and usually is far more expensive. It may require arbitration and mediation. It will involve more hours, headaches and stress. The battle will be on to find a mutual settlement – one that everyone can agree on. It may also involve arguments concerning custody and support.

Uncontested divorces require less stress and fewer documents. There is no need for mediation or arbitration since the parties are not fighting about the various aspects, assets and custody. It can be the simplest of procedures.

The Role of the Family Law Firm

By hiring an experienced family law firm, you can have someone on your side, serving the best interests of you and your family. He or she will work with the opposing party to arrive at a solution. The firm may even be able to work with your former spouse and his or her legal team to turn the contested into an uncontested divorce action. By working with a local and knowledgeable family law firm, your divorce will become more cost-effective. It will also reduce the amount of stress that is part of a long, drawn out divorce proceeding.

A divorce can be very hard on the family in many ways. Contact the Chicago Family Law Firm of Chicago Divorce Lawyers and M. Craven for help at

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