Merging with & Acquiring an Israeli Company

In the corporate world, mergers and acquisitions are integral methods employed to strengthen, unite, and broaden a wide variety of organizations. Whether your business is looking to merge with another entity, or is being considered for acquisition, it’s very likely that you and your organization will need professional assistance with various aspects of the process. Working with an experienced commercial law firm can provide the supportive backing you need to prepare for and complete a successful merger and acquisition. Investors and sellers alike can benefit from an expert who’s well-practiced in assisting companies with conducting and preparing for due diligence audits. Knowledgeable lawyers provide exact legal guidance to companies in a wide variety of fields, such as healthcare, communications, security, hi-tech and low-tech, and more.

Company Audits
Merging with and acquiring an Israeli company begins with business research and due diligence. Before a transaction between one or more entities can be finalized, a thorough analysis of the seller, and the buyer in many cases, must be completed to prevent any unnecessary risk. Due diligence is comprised of a number of audits which are given to protect the interests of the parties involved. Typically, these investigations include rigorous examinations of business compatibility, finances, management policies, employees, marketing, legal information, and other important areas. Naturally, mergers and acquisitions can be hectic for both buyers and sellers, and because so many areas must be investigated, they tend to move fairly quickly. To prevent any discrepancy, it’s important to consult a competent legal advocate to serve as a reliable guide.

Persuading Potential Investors
Preparing an organization for sale is an intricate process that demands planning, structure, and know-how. Therefore, there are various steps companies must take to remain organized, and improve the chances of encouraging an investor to follow through with a purchase. Investors interested in acquiring an Israeli company look for a number of qualities in a potential acquisition, such as profitable products or services, straightforward and realistic goals, spotless legal records, dedicated employees, and due diligence preparation. Consulting a commercial law firm will help you fortify your company, and give it the edge it needs to meet and exceed the expectations of prospective investors.

Moshe Kahn Advocates is an experienced business law firm that assists buyers and sellers with conducting and preparing for mergers and acquisitions.

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