Personal Injuries in Tucson Can Be Devastating Without the Right Lawyer

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Each year in the state of Arizona alone there are over 400,000 personal injury accidents that result in either a hospital visit and / or loss of income due to missing work. This is a pretty large number given the total population of the state is just over 6 million people. The statistics are gathered for every type of injury that results in a visit. These can be broken down into several main categories.

Personal Injury Lawyers
The most common category is a personal injury that is a result of an automobile accident. In fact, over 50% of the personal injury cases are related to automobile accidents. There are so many cases in this category that even some personal injury attorneys in Tucson that are aimed at just personal injuries due to automobile accidents.

Tort Law Lawyers
A second category of personal injuries has to do with negligence. This is rather a broad category as it can be related to any type of business, practice, or person. All negligence really means is that a person or entity failed to exercise the proper care in something that any other person should reasonably be able to do. It can be as simple as leaving a floor wet and not putting a wet floor sign in the area so that customers know that it is slippery right there. This area of law is often referred to as Tort Law, and there are also some personal injury attorneys in Tucson that are skilled in just Tort Law.

Product and Service Lawyers
The third area of personal injury has to do with product and service liability. If a product is manufactured and sold that is faulty and that product causes an injury, then the manufacturing company or parent company is liable for the injuries caused. These often result in product recalls and can sometimes end up as class action lawsuits if enough people are injured as a result of the faulty product. These cases have to be pretty cut and dry in order to be proven in the court of law. Most of the time companies are quick to settle such cases outside of the court of law though.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Finally, the fourth major area of personal injuries is medical malpractice that results in a personal injury or suffering. Today this area is extremely hard to prove in the court of law. It is a very lucrative area of law to practice in, but the cases can be quite demanding. There has to be ample evidence of malpractice in order for the victim to win the case.

There are definitely more areas of personal injury. These are just the four main areas that are most well known. A great lawyer can certainly provide a lot of help in getting a favorable ruling in any of these cases.

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