Questions To Ask A Social Security Lawyer In Midwest City, OK

Many people desperately need Social Security disability and they will do whatever it takes to receive benefits. Some people handle disability claims on their own. But with the complexity of these types of claims, it is important to have an experienced lawyer. A Social Security lawyer in Midwest City, OK is the solution, and because these lawyers handle similar cases on a regular basis, they know the best way to approach hearings.

Not to say that claimants shouldn’t interview multiple lawyers. The best outcome is a priority, and asking a Social Security lawyer in Midwest City, OK these four questions can help claimants make the right decision.

How Often Does The Lawyer Deal With Similar Cases?

The fact that a lawyer advertises himself as a Social Security attorney doesn’t mean he handles these cases on a daily basis. Lawyers can specialize in multiple areas of law. And in this case, the lawyer may have experience with disability claims, yet focuses on other aspects of law. This doesn’t promise the best outcome. Fighting for disability is a serious matter, and claimants deserve an attorney who knows the law inside and out, and whose primary focus is Social Security law.

How Long Has The Lawyer Been Practicing Social Security Law?

Experience speaks volumes in these types of cases, and selecting a lawyer with very little experience can end things horribly. This individual may have book smarts and know the law, but if he’s never been before a judge or doesn’t have experience interviewing medical experts, it is likely to have a major impact on the claim.

How Successful Is The Attorney?

A 100% success rate isn’t possible, and claimants shouldn’t have unreasonable expectations when interviewing lawyers. It isn’t wrong to question a lawyer’s track record. A good Social Security lawyer in Midwest City OK anticipates this question, and he’s ready to provide an honest answer. Some attorneys go a step further and provide testimonials from past clients.

Where Is The Attorney Located?

Claimants shouldn’t assume that an attorney they see on television is local. Most lawyers can only practice law in certain states. This rule doesn’t apply to Social Security lawyers because disability is a federal matter. These attorneys can represent clients anywhere, and typically advertise in more than one state.


Disable clients need and deserve compensation. The Law Center for Social Security Disability is ready to assist with these claims. For information on how to proceed with a disability claim, visit the website


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