Reasons to Put an SSI Disability Attorney in Knoxville, TN on Retainer

When an illness or injury prevents you from working and earning an income, you may have little choice but to file for government benefits. You especially need to apply for monthly payments that you can use to support you and your family.

However, the federal court system assigned to protecting these funds weighs cases carefully, often denying first-time, and sometime second-time, applicants. However, you might make the good case possible and avoid a lengthy appeals process when you hire counsel like an SSI disability attorney in Knoxville, TN to take your case.

Proving Your Claim

When you go to court, you have to tell the judge assigned to your case what is wrong with you. You have to be clear about from what illness or injury you suffer.

If you suffer from a condition like anxiety or agoraphobia, you may look fine and like nothing is wrong with you. The judge could throw out your case because you have no outward appearance of illness.

However, your lawyer can present clear evidence, such as reports from your psychiatrist or hospital records for recent mental health in-patient stays, that prove you have qualifying conditions that prevent you from working. You may get approved on your first time in court and avoid having to file for an appeal.

Even so, your SSI disability attorney in Knoxville, TN can file an appeal for you, if needed. Contact Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC, if you are looking for an SSI Disability Attorney in Knoxville, TN. Visit to learn more.

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