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by | Jul 13, 2021 | Lawyer

There are many types of benefits and programs to consider when you begin your search for disability benefits and financial relief. It’s not always easy to understand which benefits you qualify for. No matter what type of benefits you are trying to collect, you will still be required to complete a five-step sequential evaluation process and meet the requirements for disability through the Social Security Administration. To save yourself time and stress, and to improve your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve, seek out an experienced SSDI in Phoenix Az.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) usually pays the largest monthly benefit amount, and the amount is based on the claimant’s work history. SSDI pays monthly benefits to you and in some cases your dependents if you are found disabled. To qualify for SSDI you must have worked long enough, and your earnings record must show that you have paid enough in taxes over the years. Typically you need to have worked at least twenty calendar quarters (five years) within the last forty calendar quarters (10 years) before the disability began (though this differs if you’re under the age of 30). It must be proven that your disability began while your disability insurance was active. In some cases, a claimant’s insurance for SSDI expires, and their date last insured (DLI) is in the past. With a DLI in the past, an SSDI case can be difficult, complicated, and time-consuming to prove. Working with an experienced Ssdi in Phoenix Az, disabled citizens in NC have a better chance of receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled.


Unlike SSDI/DIB, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that helps those who have become disabled and have little to no income. To be eligible, you must prove that you are disabled based on Social Security’s rules and regulations, and have little to no household income. The maximum SSI benefit amount for an individual is set by Social Security and in 2014 is $721 per month. If a claimant is approved for SSI benefits medically but is receiving assistance for food and shelter or has some other household income, the claimant will receive a reduced amount of SSI, not $721 per month. An experienced attorney can help you apply and can lead you through the process of receiving benefits under SSI.

At Slepian Smith Ellexson, PLLC, they understand that the requirements for Federal disability benefits can be confusing, and we are committed to guiding clients through the system. Their Phoenix SSI attorneys can help you understand your options and apply for the benefits you need. For more details, visit their website or contact them today.

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