Social Security Disability Assistance in Tulsa, OK Is Available for a Broad Range of Conditions

U.S. residents can apply for Social Security Disability assistance in Tulsa, OK if they have experienced an injury or have developed a chronic illness that prevents them from working full time. Many people with other physical and mental disorders can also qualify for disability benefits.

Disabling Injuries

One example of a disabling injury would be a vertebral fracture that does not cause paralysis but leaves the person with chronic pain. That pain can make it difficult to stand, walk or sit for any length of time. The person may need to spend some time lying down occasionally or shift from a sitting to a standing position often enough for this to be disruptive at work.

Physical Disorders

An example of a physical disorder that can be disabling is complete knee replacement in both legs. A person who has always worked in jobs requiring physical labor may not be able to effectively transition to sedentary work, especially if this individual is approaching the senior years.

Mental Illness

Serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can be difficult to manage, even with prescription medication. Some of those persons can no longer hold full-time jobs. Disability benefits are available to people with severe mental illness after a psychiatrist confirms the diagnosis and extent of the problem.

Chronic Diseases

One example of a chronic illness that can become disabling is rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disorder that causes joint destruction, swelling and pain. After the disease progresses to a certain point, the individual can apply for Social Security Disability assistance in Tulsa, OK.

Rheumatoid arthritis is more common in women than in men, although both genders can be afflicted. It usually develops after age 40, but there are many exceptions. Damage to the joints can make it very difficult for people to use their hands in work tasks. They may have difficulty walking and eventually have to use a walker or wheelchair.

Many people need help applying for disability benefits or appealing a claim denial. They may want to view a website like to learn about legal representation. Contact Social Security Law Center for your free consultation.

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