The benefits of having a DUI lawyer

It is unlawful in all states in the US to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drivers who are arrested for a DUI usually seek the services of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer, a defense lawyer that represents the accused during all the proceedings.

A police officer, in the event he sees a driver acting erratically can make the assumption that the individual is intoxicated and pull the driver over to the side of the road. Once the driver has stopped the vehicle, the policeman will subject him or her to various sobriety tests which are designed to determine if the driver is too impaired to safely operate the vehicle. A component of the testing is to have the driver blow into a breathalyzer, a device which accurately calculates the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream.

If the driver should fail these tests, he will be charged with driving under the influence, DUI and taken to the police station where he will be formally booked for the offense and at time, given a blood test. The suspect will be jailed until such time as he can be brought in front of a judge, this can be a matter of hours or days depending on the circumstances. It is when the driver is before the judge that he will want to have consulted with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer and he will want the lawyer by his side at the arraignment. The DUI lawyer is usually hired as soon as the accused is jailed, the lawyer can arrange bail pending the trial date.

It is not hard to determine the state of intoxication of the suspect but it is another thing again to prosecute the case. The suspects DUI lawyer will study all the documentation and the results of the various tests that were conducted, he will interview the officer who made the arrest, locate and interview any witnesses and interview his client, all in order to get a complete understanding of the case and its circumstances.

During the trial, the DUI lawyer may question the process followed by the arresting officer, perhaps the officer did not read the accused his rights or the field tests were conducted in poor conditions. The DUI lawyer will challenge anything and everything if he feels that he client was improperly charged.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence and you have no intention of pleading guilty, then you will need a Los Angeles DUI lawyer. You are invited to contact The H&M Law Firm for representation.

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