The Four Instances When the Lemon Law in California is Not Applicable

Sometimes, people don’t follow the Lemon Law in California, and their used cars are still in a latent state. When this happens, consumers often need to resort to other means, such as going to court or calling a Lemon Law attorney. But what if there was an easier way? This article will discuss the instances when the lemon law in Indiana does not work.

When the Dealer is Located in Another State

When the dealer is located in another state, Indiana’s lemon law does not apply. The lemon laws do not cover purchases made outside of Indiana.

When There is no Warranty

Under the Lemon Law, there must be a warranty before a consumer may bring a claim against the used car dealership.

When There are Other Violations of the Lemon Law Rules

The Lemon Law in California does not cover used car dealerships that act in bad faith or engage in other illegal acts such as selling cars with defects or when they fail to provide consumers with free inspections and free repairs.

When There are No Longer Any Vehicles Available for Purchase

When all vehicles available for purchase have been sold, and there are no more cars left to buy, it cannot be considered a lemon law claim.

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