The Likelihood Of Serving Time In A Prison In Philadelphia

If you are convicted of a felony offense, it is highly probable that you will be sentenced to Prison in Philadelphia. Among these offenses are murder, sexual assault, conspiracy, and acts of terrorism to name a few. Even if this is your first offense, and you have a clean criminal background the judge who convicts you of the charge will sentence you based upon the severity of the crime. This is why it is critical for you to secure adequate legal counsel if you are charged with a felony offense immediately.

The Impact of Prison in Philadelphia

If you are convicted and receive a prison sentence, you will remain away from your family for years. The impact on your children and loved ones is insurmountable. If your children are young when you are convicted it is probable that they may not remember you upon your release. That is if you are ever released. A murder conviction, for example, may result in a life sentence of utilization of the death penalty.

Overcrowded Prisons

Most prisons in the United States and the Prison in Philadelphia become more and more crowded every day. This leads to conflicts and probable injuries, including death. These are aspects you should consider when you face a felony charge. It is not only the fact that you are separated from family and time with you is taken away from them, but you must also consider that problems with overcrowded prisons imply that you may not survive your sentence. The odds of injury or death increase if you are sentenced to a maximum security-based prison. It is these prisons in which the most dangerous criminals serve their time.

Building Your Defense

A criminal defense lawyer will work diligently to prove your innocence. This implies that he or she will gather evidence to present before the judge and the jury to prove reasonable doubt. It is by presenting reasonable doubt that you have the highest chance of being acquitted of these charges. Without a proper defense, it is less likely that the charges will be dismissed, and you may, in fact, serve time in Prison in Philadelphia. Connect with us on Facebook and stay connected with us!



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