The Necessity of Getting a DWI Attorney in Gonzales, LA

Whenever a driver is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, a lot of things may take place afterward that could possibly affect the life of the driver. Getting a DWI or DUI is never act that ends up in the best interest of the drunk driver but puts the driver in the hot seat in a court of law. In other words, the driver will need to secure an attorney to help him, or she get the least penalties possible. A DWI Attorney in Gonzales LA helps clients who get arrested for drunk driving, and here are some facts the clients should know.

Facts about Drunk Driving in Louisiana

If a person is going to drink, he or she should not drive, and if so, should take care to ensure that his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) level does not exceed the legal limit. If the person is over 21, that limit is .08 percent, and if under 21, the limit is .02 percent. It doesn’t take many drinks to go above these limits, so the driver should be extremely cautious. Penalties for drunk driving can begin with a six-month sentence in jail and a $1,000 fine for the first offense.

More Facts to Know about DWI in Louisiana

Louisiana applies the Implied Consent law, which means that as a privilege of driving, drivers automatically consent to surrender to a chemical test by a law enforcement officer. If they deny the test, the driving privileges will be suspended for 365 days for the first offense, and 730 for all offenses afterward. The driver should really consider hiring an attorney who can help him or her get a better deal with the courts.

A Law Firm to Aid with DWI Problems in Louisiana

The Litigation Firm has been helping clients in the Gonzales, Louisiana area finds legal solutions for many years. In addition to DWI, the law firm helps clients with other legal problems, such as personal injury, business law, and wills and estates. If there are any people who want a DWI Attorney in Gonzales LA, the attorneys are available. Visit the website at

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